After Paul Cattermole’s passing, “S Club” confirmed that their tour would continue.

Paul Cattermole, a member of the UK musical group “S Club 7,” died recently, but the group has stated that their reunion tour will still go on as planned.

In the weeks following the 90s band’s announcement that they would reunite and go on a tour in honour of their “25th anniversary,” Cattermole passed away last month.

Hannah Spearritt, another member of the group, will no longer travel with them, as the trio also disclosed in the Instagram post.

While they were both in the band, Spearritt and Cattermole were romantically involved, and in a recent interview, Spearritt admitted that she has not stopped crying since Cattermole’s passing.

In their announcement, the group stated that Spearritt is still a member even though he isn’t joining them on tour.

Member Jon Lee said, “She won’t be joining us on this tour, but we wish her the best for the future.”

 The “five of us” are “really excited and ready to crack on,” he continued.

After one of the songs on which Cattermole sang lead, the tour has been renamed the Good Times Tour as a tribute to Cattermole.

He will always be with us, band member Rachel Stevens said in reference to Cattermole’s impact on the tour. He played a significant role in the planning of this tour, and we will do our best to honour his memory by sharing it with all of you.

The band will resume using the name S Club for the duration of the tour, which will begin in October. With songs like Don’t Stop Movin’ and S Club Party, S Club 7 was one of the biggest pop acts of the 1990s and early 2000s. They last collaborated live in 2015 after initially breaking up in 2003.