Amazon is planning to lay off 9,000 employees

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, plans to eliminate another 9,000 employees to reduce expenses.

The company, which employs 1.5 million people worldwide, claimed that the majority of the job losses would occur in the advertising and cloud computing industries.

The posts would be closed in the coming weeks, although it was not specified which nations would be impacted.

Although it was a tough decision, boss Andy Jassy claimed it would ultimately be beneficial for the business.

Already in January, the company had cut 18,000 workers. The majority of Amazon’s business units, according to Mr. Jassy, have added roles in recent years.

“Yet, he noted, considering the uncertain economic climate in which we currently live and the uncertainty that looms in the foreseeable future, we have chosen to be more streamlined in our costs and workforce.”

Amazon had a surge in revenue during the epidemic while consumers were confined to their homes, similar to other tech behemoths. But more recently, as a result of consumers’ reduced spending due to the crisis in the cost of living, its sales have dropped.

Some businesses, like Google and Facebook owner Meta, have struggled to balance cost-cutting tactics and the necessity to remain competitive.

Meta, the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp, revealed plans to lay off 10,000 employees last week.

According to Mr. Jassy, losing staff members is “never easy,” and he added: “To those ultimately touched by these reductions, I want to thank you for the job you’ve performed on behalf of consumers and the firm.”

Twitch, a platform for live streaming entertainment, including music and games, will also experience budget cuts.

After serving as Twitch’s CEO for 16 years, Emmett Shear announced he would step down a few days prior. For $1 billion (£1.5 billion), Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014.