David Tennant’s Doctor Who Return Delights Fans in Children in Need Sketch

David Tennant delighted Doctor Who fans with a nostalgic comeback, featured in a special sketch produced for the Children in Need charity event. The clip showcases Tennant reprising his role as the iconic Time Lord, landing the Tardis at the crucial moment of the “genesis of the Daleks,” the infamous adversaries of the Doctor. Tennant, who originally portrayed the 10th Doctor in 2005, is gearing up for a reprisal as the 14th Doctor in three forthcoming anniversary specials later this year.

The sketch, crafted by Russell T. Davies, unfolds with actor Mawaan Rizwan brainstorming a name for the newly constructed Dalek. In a comical twist, Tennant’s Doctor accidentally crashes into the scene with the Tardis, humorously reflecting on the transformation and exclaiming, “60 minutes ago, I was this really brilliant woman, and now I’ve got this old face back again. I mean, why?”

In an amusing turn of events, Tennant’s Doctor unintentionally breaks the newly formed Dalek with the Tardis. Recognising the significance, he queries, “Do you mean this is the genesis of the Daleks?” The Doctor then hands over a plunger from the Tardis, symbolising the “origins of the iconic Dalek arm,” as noted by Doctor Who’s official Twitter page.

Tennant’s return follows the conclusion of Jodie Whittaker’s tenure as Doctor Who. The Scottish actor, who previously made a cameo for the BBC centenary special last year, is set to team up with Catherine Tate for three 60th-anniversary Doctor Who specials. In a tradition reminiscent of James Bond, the Doctor’s role undergoes regeneration, allowing different actors to step into this legendary character. Following Tennant’s upcoming specials, Ncuti Gatwa is poised to assume the role of the 15th Doctor, ensuring the enduring legacy of this beloved science fiction series.