In the UK, COVID infections are up 14% and have reached a million

    Image credit: BBC

    Official estimates indicate that there are now over one million COVID infections in the UK.

    The number of individuals testing positive increased by 14% in the week ending September 20. This is the highest increase since the summer.

    But according to the Office for National Statistics, there is no concrete indication that a fall in COVID has begun (ONS).

    A “wake-up call” has been made in reference to more current data showing an increase in hospital admissions with COVID.

    Dr. Thomas Waite, England’s deputy chief medical officer, stated that several new sub-variants of Omicron were circulating at low levels and might be to blame for the hospital statistics.

    Daily hospital admissions are fewer than they were for most of July, but older age groups continue to have the highest rates.

    However, six out of ten hospitalised COVID patients are not being treated for COVID-19 but rather for another illness.

    Dr. Waite noted that the fact that some patients are becoming so unwell that they need to be hospitalised should serve as a reminder to us all that COVID is still active.

    This winter, there could be a flu and COVID “twindemic,” according to health experts, who advise individuals who qualify to receive their free vaccinations immediately.

    The ONS reports that while COVID is rising in England and Wales, the trend in Scotland and Northern Ireland is ambiguous.

    The ONS figures are based on tens of thousands of random tests conducted on UK residents living in private homes, regardless of whether they exhibit symptoms.

    For the first time since the end of August 2022, estimated COVID infections in the UK as a whole have surpassed one million.

    According to symptoms reported by 3,000 people who tested positive via the Covid symptom app, a sore throat is now the most prevalent Covid symptom, whereas fever and loss of smell are far less common.

    In addition to flu shots, booster COVID shots are now being given to the most susceptible to provide protection during the winter.