Jake Paul, the influencer, is set to debut his men’s skincare line at Walmart

Jake Paul ventures into a fresh domain: skincare. The YouTube sensation-turned-boxer revealed the launch of “W,” a skincare brand tailored for men. With products priced under $10, the line will initially hit Walmart shelves, expanding to Amazon later in the summer.

Paul identified a stagnant market ripe for innovation, aiming to disrupt it with W’s debut. The brand’s name, a nod to “winning,” encompasses its ethos of redefining male grooming. The initial lineup includes body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant, with plans for expansion into shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and hair gel.

Recognizing the growing trend of men investing in skincare, Paul emphasizes the underserved nature of this market. As men increasingly prioritize personal care, the men’s grooming sector has witnessed significant growth, projected to exceed $100 billion in the next four years.

Paul joins a wave of celebrities capitalizing on this market shift, leveraging his social media influence to connect with young male consumers. Drawing inspiration from his brother’s success with Prime, Paul aims to tap into the creator-led product space for boys, distinguishing himself from traditional celebrity skincare lines.

With an upcoming Netflix fight against boxing legend Mike Tyson, Paul anticipates leveraging this event to bolster W’s visibility. As he prepares for the showdown, he remains committed to carving out a niche in the male skincare market, likening himself and his brother to the “testosterone Kardashians.”