Katie Price Advocates Against Cosmetic Procedures for Young Women

Katie Price, the well-known model and TV personality, has expressed her concerns about young women in their early 20s undergoing cosmetic procedures, stating that there is “nothing worse” and aiming to raise awareness about the associated risks.

Despite her own history of undergoing cosmetic surgeries, Price emphasised that she is not being hypocritical. She disclosed that she didn’t start altering her face until her 40s and had only opted for a boob job without fillers, cautioning that such procedures can be detrimental to one’s body. Price remarked on the current trend of individuals looking like “aliens” due to excessive cosmetic alterations, expressing concern about the appearance of young women as they age.

Speaking on the How to Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, Price, who is 45 years old and a mother of five, shared her experiences with surgery recovery, highlighting the pain and challenges involved. She expressed a desire to educate people about the consequences of cosmetic procedures, emphasising the physical toll and the frequent use of anaesthetics.

Despite acknowledging her continued interest in plastic surgery, Price compared the process to shopping, admitting to contemplating further alterations. However, she questioned whether the attention she receives is due to her looking “plastic” or genuinely attractive.

Price has become more transparent about her personal life in recent years, particularly regarding her son Harvey’s disabilities and her own struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which she believes has influenced some of her past decisions.

While Price’s career has diversified, including producing content on OnlyFans, she has faced ongoing tabloid scrutiny for her relationships and financial challenges. Recently declared bankrupt for the second time, Price attributed her financial woes to the presence of men in her life and characterised her subsequent marriages as “just rebounds.”

Despite her personal challenges, Price remains vocal about societal issues, advocating against cosmetic procedures for young women and urging greater awareness of their potential risks.