Mr. Musk accused Microsoft of using Twitter data illegally

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, claimed Microsoft was using its data without the permission of the network. He is also pressuring the big tech giant to sue. He said in a tweet that “the company is using the data illegally. Lawsuit time.” In his response, Mr. Musk criticised Microsoft for wanting to drop Twitter from its own ad network.

According to a notification published earlier by the business, as of Tuesday, April 25, the company’s advertising technology would “no longer support Twitter.”

This would prevent advertisers from using Microsoft’s social media management tool to access their Twitter accounts.

Other social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will still be accessible, according to Microsoft.

Twitter began charging for the data it gathers from “tens of millions” of users in February, with a basic package costing $100 per month.

according to the company, “Users may manage and track each element of your internet presence with the help of the data.”

Since acquiring Twitter for $44 billion (£35.4 billion) in October, Mr. Musk has reduced the company’s employees by about 80% and taken steps to increase the company’s revenues, including by charging users for “blue tick” verification.

Due to worries about how content was controlled on the website, prominent corporations, including iPhone maker Apple, reportedly stopped advertising on the platform recently.

Mr. Musk also reported a “massive drop” in revenue and blamed the activists for pushing advertisers.

Speaking with a news outlet last week, he said that when he took control, Twitter had only a few months to live. Additionally, he said that “almost all advertisers have returned to Twitter or have declared their intention to do so.” Twitter might turn a profit by the second quarter of 2023, according to Mr. Musk, who also said he would be open to selling the business to the appropriate buyer.