Sweden plans to develop a digital coronavirus passport

source: IBTimes UK

On Thursday, 4 February 2021, Sweden announced its plans to develop a digital coronavirus passport for use by the summer of this very year. Swedish health minister Lena Hallengren at a press conference said, “International processes have commenced regarding technical solutions and standards for proof of vaccination. There is a need for Sweden to participate.”

This digital certificate will serve as a proof for Swedes that they have been immunized against COVID-19. The certificate will follow the international rules and standards and will also ensure privacy. The government expects to bring it in place by June 1. The government assumed that proof of vaccination will be required by other countries for entry or to participate in any sort of social gathering.

Under the plan, many authorities and agencies including the Public health agency, the Swedish e-health agency, and the Swedish association of local authorities and regions would join in developing the digital passport, which is certainly a great step towards ensuring safety against COVID-19 and will also help in saving paper which in turn will help in saving the environment.