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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos in economy warning: ‘Batten down hatches’

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has added his voice to the chorus of people predicting trouble for the US economy.

As losses increase, Royal Mail will cut up to 10,000 jobs.

Royal Mail has stated that it will eliminate 10,000 jobs by the end of next August due to continuous strike activity and...

World Bank: Global rate hikes could trigger 2023 recession

According to the World Bank, interest rate increases by central banks around the world could lead to a global recession in 2023.

South Korea records world’s lowest fertility rate again

The world’s lowest fertility rate, which South Korea once again attained, has fallen to a new low.

US makes huge interest rate rise to tame soaring prices

To contain rising prices in the greatest economy in the world, the US central bank has announced yet another abnormally large interest...

Ukraine aims to amass ‘million-strong army’ to recapture south, says defence...

According to the defence minister, Ukraine intends to liberate the country’s southern region from occupying Russian forces with a “million-strong army” armed...

Japan urges 37 million people to switch off lights

The Japanese government has urged people in Tokyo and the surrounding area to use less electricity on...

Is the Bank of England capable of halting spiralling inflation?

Fears of an “inflationary spiral,” the Prime Minister stated yesterday, had limited the amount of assistance the government could provide in the...

Amazon sell-off ends dismal month for US shares

Investors turned their backs on once-favourite technology companies over concerns about the economy, sending US markets into a tailspin in April.

As China’s economy weakens, it lowers interest rates

China has dropped its benchmark interest rate for the first time in almost two years, citing official data showing the country’s economic...