The U.S. “Justice Department” intensifies Apple investigation

    Image credit: Politico

    According to individuals with knowledgeable of the situation, the U.S. Justice Department recently intensified its ongoing antitrust investigation into Apple Inc., as the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

    According to a recent report from Reuters, “the Justice Department” launched an antitrust investigation into Apple in 2019 to determine whether technological behemoths were abusing their size to engage in anticompetitive behaviour.

    According to the Wall Street Journal article, the agency has now allocated extra litigators and has made new demands for papers and consultations with each of the parties.

    According to the article, the investigation will also examine whether the iOS operating platform is anti-competitive and favours its own goods over those of other developers.

    The Justice Department refused to respond, and Apple didn’t answer a request for a statement right away.

    The Justice Department sued Alphabet Inc.’s Google last month, alleging that it was abusing its position as the market leader in digital advertising. By doing so, the Justice Department threatened to destroy a crucial division at the core of one of Silicon Valley’s most prosperous tech giants.

    The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Google in 2020, claiming antitrust law violations in the company’s acquisition or maintenance of its dominating position in internet search, and the case is set for trial in September. is being looked into by the “US Federal Trade Commission” for suspected anticompetitive practices. During the Trump presidency, the commission started looking into Amazon.

    The retail behemoth has come under fire for purportedly favouring its own commodities on its platform while disfavoring outside vendors.