Twitter reinstates banned journalists’ accounts

Image credit: Reuters

Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, claims that some journalists whose accounts he had suspended from Twitter will have their access restored.

After Mr. Musk accused them of disclosing his location data, reporters for the New York Times, CNN, and the Washington Post had their accounts locked out.

But in the face of rising criticism, he posed a question to his Twitter followers.

And out of the 3.6 million participants, 59% chose to repeal the prohibition right away.

“The conversation is over. “The suspension of the accounts that doxed my location has been lifted,” he tweeted.

The EU and UN both denounced the ban. One well-known account, @ElonJet, is still suspended. Owner Jack Sweeney, 20, tweeted each time Elon Musk’s aircraft took off and landed using publicly accessible flight-tracking data.

Mr. Musk attributed the narrative to an event involving “a crazy stalker” who, according to him, approached his son in a moving vehicle.

He on Thursday that Mr. Sweeney and others were being sued.

The event involving the jet tracking account was covered by a few of the journalists who had their Twitter accounts suspended.

Following the suspensions, organisations like the EU and UN, along with governments and the media, criticised the decision.

According to UN Under Secretary General Melissa Fleming, “media freedom is not a toy.” The foundation of democratic society is a free press, which is also a crucial weapon in the struggle against harmful misinformation.

Vera Jourova, an EU commissioner, warned Twitter of penalties in accordance with the new Digital Services Act in Europe, which she claimed mandates “the respect of media freedom and foundation rights.”

Mr. Musk has changed Twitter’s moderation procedures in a number of ways since taking the reins of the company.

A few previously prohibited accounts have been reinstated by him, including the profile of former US President Donald Trump, which was prohibited following the uprising at the US Capitol on January 6. According to the New York Times, the Tesla CEO has reduced Twitter’s workforce and ceased paying rent for parts of the company’s offices, including its San Francisco headquarters.