Amazon is using AI to deal with “fake review brokers.”

Amazon uses innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify bogus comments and tackle the problem of fake reviews. The “fake review brokers” on its site have presented the e-commerce giant with serious problems. Amazon has invested in machine learning models that examine various data points to spot fraudulent behaviour in an effort to solve this problem.

These false review brokers buy, sell, and host bogus reviews using a variety of third-party platforms, including social media and encrypted chat services. The purpose of fake reviews is to sway consumers’ purchase choices. They trick customers into choosing a particular laptop or kid’s toy based on fraudulent endorsements by offering what appears to be authentic feedback from other customers. These compensated reviews are used to increase a seller’s ratings or disparage rivals.

Although some clues, like generic information or an unusually high percentage of five-star ratings, can raise a red alert, it’s not always easy to spot bogus reviews.

In 2022, Amazon discovered over 23,000 social media groups that had a combined 46 million followers and members and allowed for the easy fabrication of fraudulent reviews.

Amazon has been using artificial intelligence (AI) to counter fraudulent reviews for a number of years. In order to better secure both users and merchants on its platform, the company understands the necessity of continual investment in more sophisticated solutions.

Amazon’s fraud-detection technology uses AI to analyse a number of variables and determine the possibility that a review is fake. The connections the reviewer has to other online accounts, their login activity, their review history, and any unusual behaviour are some of these variables.

Amazon recently filed a lawsuit in the UK against the owners of, a false review broker that preys on British consumers. The same people’s other websites were also taken down, and legal action was also being brought against them in the US at the same time.

Amazon is actively battling review brokers and has filed lawsuits against 94 of these so-called “bad actors,” including scammers from China, the US, and Europe.