Russia-Ukraine war placing global food security under severe strain: G7

    Image credit: Oneindia

    In accordance with its international commitments, the Group of Seven (G7) encouraged Russia to halt its blockade and any other acts that restrict Ukrainian food production and exports.

    On Sunday, the Group of Seven (G7) condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, which is jeopardising world food security.

    They asked Russia to comply with its international obligations by ending its blockade and any other acts that restrict Ukrainian food production and exports.

    The strong statement was issued following a virtual meeting of G7 leaders, which included Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

    Failure to do so, they claimed, would be viewed as an attack on the world’s food supply.

    The invasion of Ukraine by President Putin is generating worldwide economic upheavals, threatening the security of global energy supplies, fertiliser and food supplies, and the overall functioning of global supply lines. The most vulnerable countries are hit the hardest.

    They will address the causes and implications of the global food crisis through a Global Alliance for Food Security as their joint endeavour to assure momentum and coordination, and other efforts in support of the United Nations Global Crises Response Group.

    They had previously promised to continue imposing severe and swift economic repercussions on President Putin’s regime in retaliation for the “unjustified war.”

    They stated that the G7 and Ukraine are united in their efforts to ensure Ukraine’s democratic and prosperous future in this tough moment.

    The leaders honoured the conclusion of World War II in Europe, which occurred on this day in 1945 as the German army surrendered to the allied nations.

    Three days after declaring the Ukrainian breakaway areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as “independent republics,” Russia launched a military intervention in Ukraine on February 24. 

    The strike is only directed at Ukrainian military installations, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. In response, Western governments imposed extensive sanctions on Russia.