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Netflix Gains Over 13 Million Subscriptions Amid Password-Sharing Crackdown

Netflix experienced a surge in new sign-ups at the end of last year, with more than 13.1 million subscriptions added in the last quarter...

Spotify increases the premium subscription price for its users.

Spotify is increasing prices for its 200 million ad-free subscribers for the first time in more than a decade, as the platform...

Jenna Ortega starrer ‘Wednesday’ greenlit for Season 2 by Netflix

Wednesday, a Netflix sitcom starring American actor Jenna Ortega, has been extended for a second season after becoming a huge streaming success.

In the midst of the cancellation of culture, Chappelle smashes it....

Dave Chappelle, the American comedian whose recent Netflix special generated a transgender reaction, has retaliated against those who want to ‘cancel’ him.