Amazon will make a $25 million payment for violating children’s privacy.

To resolve claims that it breached children’s privacy rights with its Alexa voice assistant, Amazon will pay $25 million (£20 million).

Following accusations that it did not remove Alexa recordings at parents’ requests, the business agreed to pay the US “Federal Trade Commission (FTC).”

The company was discovered to have stored private information for many years.

In a document submitted to federal court in the District of Columbia, Ring promises to pay $5.8 million to the authorities.

According to the Alexa lawsuit filed by the FTC, Amazon “prominently and consistently assured customers, especially parents, that they could delete voice recordings captured” by the device.

The complaint, however, alleged that the company violated this practise by keeping data for years and using it for nefarious purposes to enhance the Alexa algorithm.

Samuel Levine, the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, charged Amazon with deceiving parents, retaining children’s recordings forever, and disobeying deletion requests from those parents in a statement.

The FTC also claimed that Ring, which Amazon acquired in 2018, allowed “hundreds of staff members and contractors” to view recordings of consumers’ confidential areas.

Ring immediately rectified the relevant concerns on its own years ago, well before the FTC launched its investigation, according to a statement from Amazon.

The complaint, however, asserts that one employee watched hundreds of video recordings recorded by female Ring camera users who “surveilled intimate spaces in their residences, such as their bathrooms or bedrooms.”

The individual was only stopped, according to the complaint, after a coworker observed their activity.

Amazon stated: “While we disagreed with the FTC’s allegations concerning both Alexa and Ring and deny breaking the law, we have reached agreements to put these matters behind us.”

The business also stated that it would keep creating new privacy features for the sake of its clients.