Kate Middleton makes a surprise appearance at a 24-hour music festival rave.

    The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is said to have attended her inaugural music festival as a royal last week. She reportedly joined the annual Houghton Festival at the Houghton Hall estate in Norfolk after having dinner with the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The festival is situated within the scenic grounds of the royal-owned estate, featuring sculpture gardens and a picturesque lake. The event is known for its focus on electronic music and has previously featured performances by Willow Smith, daughter of Hollywood stars Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

    Accompanied by David and Rose Cholmondeley (formerly Hanbury), who have historical ties to British royalty dating back to the creation of the title in 1815 for George Cholmondeley, Kate Middleton ventured to the festival grounds after the dinner event. The festival took place across the expansive 1,000-acre estate surrounding the grand Palladian mansion.

    Sources reported to The Daily Mail that after dinner, a suggestion was made for Kate to attend the festival. Despite initial hesitations, she engaged in discussions with her security personnel and ultimately attended the festival with heightened security measures in place. Notably, her husband, Prince William, did not join her for the festival experience.

    This newfound revelation about the princess’s interest in electronic music may come as a surprise to some fans, given her previous indications of favouring classical and mainstream pop genres. While Prince William was absent from the festival, he recently made headlines for his involvement in promoting sustainability. He was seen serving vegetarian burgers from a street food van, using ingredients and packaging from winners of his Earthshot Prize.

    Kate’s attendance at the Houghton Festival signifies a potentially evolving taste in music and a willingness to embrace new experiences, even within the realm of electronic music. This marks a departure from her known preferences and demonstrates her willingness to explore various cultural and entertainment offerings.