Andrew Cuomo Gave Special Access For Covid Test To Prove His Innocence

source: New York Post

Cuomo, a Democrat, is asked to resign over accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct from at least eight women and disclosures that his administration under-reported nursing home deaths from the pandemic.The 63-year-old third-term governor has denied the allegations and repeatedly said he would not resign from office.

“We should avoid insincere efforts to rewrite the past. In the early days of this pandemic, when there was a heavy emphasis on contact tracing, we were absolutely going above and beyond to get people testing,” Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi said in a statement emailed to Reuters in response to the Post article.

Those efforts included “in some instances going to people’s homes – and door to door in places like New Rochelle – to take samples from those believed to have been exposed to Covid in order to identify cases and prevent additional ones,” the statement added.

Among those assisted, “were members of the general public, including legislators, reporters, state workers and their families who feared they had contracted the virus and had the capability to further spread it,” Azzopardi said.

After the nursing home and sexual misconduct, scandals broke, the network said its conflict-of-interest policy meant that Chris Cuomo could not report on the governor. Chris Cuomo’s Twitter account suggested he was on vacation.