Chicago: Cop Accused of Shooting A 22-year-old Man While Inebriated

source: News 9

A Chicago police officer faces charges of attempted murder in connection with a case of an off-duty shooting in which he allegedly confronted a couple while intoxicated. 

Joseph Cabrera, 38, an eight-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department is accused of shooting at a 22-year-old man, who was not injured, and of lying about what happened by claiming that “he had been attacked and knocked to the ground’ before he opened fire, court records show. But a witness who was walking a dog refuted Cabrera’s account. 

Because of Cabrera’s ‘false statement,’ the 22-year-old man was ‘treated as an offender’ and placed into custody, prosecutors said. The man was later released without charges. 

Cabrera was taken to a hospital when he complained of chest pains and was found to have a blood-alcohol content of 0.104 — more than twice the legal limit for driving, prosecutors said.