Glamorous Events and Occasions turn your moments into treasured keepsakes

Glamorous Event and Occasions [Chennai] is here to create your event into a blockbuster movie. Glamorous Events and Occasions entered the market with the goal of providing high-quality services at pocket-friendly prices to help you create the event of your fantasies. They have a longstanding experience of satisfying people’s hearts and bringing a smile to their faces. It has everything you need for an A-class experience, including decorations, music, guest service, and performance. They offer services starting from corporate events to anniversary celebrations. They will help to find an event schedule that is convenient for you. They also make sure that your guests have a royal experience during the event. They also ensure that your event provides your guest with a 360-degree experience from invitations to food choices and activities. Glamorous Events and Occasions brings you the personalized key to creating everlasting memories, and their vendors will ensure that you have exactly the event you want. They do everything they can to ensure that your event is a massive success with 100 per cent consumer satisfaction.

The founder-Chandrani Das(CEO) once visited a wedding house where they were expecting a wedding planner with a low budget and a quality service. They came up with the idea to start a business that would deliver an A+ experience to guests as well as customers, with quality services at reasonable prices. The crumb of an idea and make it into a phenomenal experience with the help of genius experts. Now Glamorous Event & Occasions wants to grow their business PAN India, with their team as extended family. Are you looking for a meeting with a planner to discuss your various options for the best services at the lowest cost? Then it’s a perfect choice for you.

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