Justin Bieber cancelled all his tours and concerts due to his bad health condition.

Image credit: MSN

Due to health reasons, Justin Bieber has cancelled the entire rest of his Justice tour. After receiving a diagnosis of “Ramsay Hunt syndrome (RHS)” last summer, the 29-year-old musician repeatedly postponed the tour and informed fans that he was experiencing facial paralysis.

He stated that he wants to make his “health a priority” in September 2022.

The tour’s official Twitter page posted an announcement on Tuesday saying that all ticket holders will automatically get a refund.

The Canadian singer-songwriter was scheduled to perform throughout the US, UK, and Australia, with a Manchester performance initially scheduled for March 4.

But some of his supporters have previously voiced their disappointment at not getting reimbursed for missed concerts on the now-cancelled tour, which is said to have made $55 million (£46 million). The cancellation has not yet received an official justification.

One of his representatives commented on his state of health. As stated, “The Grammy-winning” artist took a complete vacation from music in 2019 to concentrate on his mental health, but he did attend “London Fashion Week” last month.

In 2021, his most recent album, which included artists like Burna Boy, Chance the Rapper, and Khalid, peaked at number one in the US and ranked second in the UK charts.

What is RHS?

RHS occurs when a shingles outbreak hits the facial nerve next to the ear, paralysing a portion of the face. Although it is a side effect of shingles, which is connected to the chickenpox virus that many individuals can contract as children, it cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

According to the nonprofit Facial Palsy UK, if the immune system becomes weak and is not able to fight against infection, the body can be exposed to a reactivation of the chickenpox virus.

The article states that stress is frequently a trigger because it can impair immunity and make people more susceptible to illnesses.