Los Angeles 2028 Paralympics: Record application for sport inclusion

Image credit: Bernama.com

For the Los Angeles 2028 Paralympic programme, a record 33 para-sports have submitted applications.

Along with the 22 sports listed in the Paris 2024 programme, applicants for arm wrestling, climbing, CP football, golf, karate, paradance sport, powerchair football, sailing, surfing, and wheelchair handball also submitted applications.

Additionally, beach Para-volley has asked to be included by the international federation in charge of seated volleyball, World ParaVolley.

Sailing and CP football were both on the Rio 2016 schedule but were removed for the Tokyo Games, where they were replaced by badminton and taekwondo, and they were not selected for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

By the end of January 2023, the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) governing board will make a final decision regarding the sports that will be included in the programme.

The IPC will analyse the submissions during the summer and, where necessary, point out areas that require more clarification from the applicants.

They will also closely collaborate with the organising body of the Games to examine any potential effects that sports may have on the schedule, which will run from August 15 to August 27, 2028.

A maximum of 4,400 competitors will compete in 549 medal events at the Paris Games.

The schedule will feature at least 1,859 spots for female athletes, which is the most ever in Paralympic Games history, and a record 236 medal events for women. Additionally, athletes with significant assistance requirements will have greater opportunity to compete.

Colleen Wrenn, the IPC’s Chief Paralympic Games Delivery Officer, stated, “Our goal for the LA28 Paralympic Games is to build a competitive and compelling sport programme that showcases the diversity of the Paralympic movement.”

The LA28 Paralympics will, in our opinion, be a true game-changer for the Paralympic movement in terms of awareness, profile, and impact. The Paralympic Games are the most transformative event in the world.