Russia is intending to relax visa restrictions for nations like Syria and India.

Image credit: Nikkei Asia

According to Deputy Foreign Minister Evgeny Ivanov, Russia is attempting to make it easier to obtain visas for six nations, including Syria, Indonesia, and India.

A report has noted that earlier, Ivanov had stated that Russia was drafting its own bilateral visa-free travel arrangements with 11 nations, including Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Mexico, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Trinidad, and Barbados.

The US, Japan, and EU have all criticised Russia and applied harsh penalties since the start of Moscow’s special military attack in Kyiv, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths and millions of forced emigration.

Russia then looked to China, India, and African countries for assistance. Both countries have been advocating for peace, but neither has yet reacted harshly against Moscow.

India had adopted a position of neutrality and chosen to attribute the invasion to Russia, while also dramatically increasing its purchases of Russian oil.

Air raid sirens were heard in Kyiv for hours, and on Monday, Ukraine claimed to have shot down 13 exploding drones that had been released overnight from southern Russia.

During the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend in Washington, former US President Donald Trump declared that he is the only politician capable of preventing “World War III.”

“I will get the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled before I even arrive at the Oval Office,” Trump declared. A quick resolution is anticipated. He continued by saying he was willing to listen to Vladimir Putin and that they have a fantastic relationship. “I won’t need more than a day to complete it.”