According to Jacob Rees-Mogg, Boris Johnson was given incorrect information about shutdown parties

Jacob Rees-Mogg claims Boris Johnson was given “false information” on whether parties were held in Downing Street during Covid lockdowns.

According to the minister, the PM did not intentionally mislead MPs when he stated that all guidance had been followed.

As part of its probe into rule-breaking in and around Downing Street during the pandemic, the police have begun issuing fines.

Mr Johnson has not yet been fined, according to No 10.

People who attended a Downing Street party on the eve of Prince Philip’s burial were fined, according to sources.

The authorities are investigating 12 events, including the leaving party. At least three of the parties under scrutiny are thought to have been attended by Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson told MPs in December 2021 that “every guidance was completely followed in No 10.”

Mr Rees-Mogg responded to a caller on LBC who asked if the prime minister had deceived Parliament: “The fact that the prime minister received incorrect information does not imply that he lied to the public.

“The prime minister claimed that the rules were followed, although this was not the case.

Downing Street argued last week that the prime minister had not lied before the House of Commons, saying that “at all times he has given out his view of events.”

No 10 indicated on Monday that the prime minister will comment after the police investigation was completed and the full report of an internal investigation by senior civil servant Sue Gray was released.

Mr Johnson apologised in January for attending an event during the initial coronavirus lockdown, but maintained that the gathering “may be regarded to fall within the guidance technically.”

In other news, Welsh Secretary Simon Hart told Talk Radio that the parties were “a source of annoyance for some,” but that “the world has come a long way.”

“These words are an insult to every family who suffered under lockdown while Downing Street partied,” Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine stated in response to his remarks. Ms MacNamara has remained silent.