Sanya: Covid lockdown strands tourists on ‘China’s Hawaii’

    Image credit: BBC

    The resort in China gained notoriety as a result of a lockdown brought on by a coronavirus outbreak that left more than 80,000 visitors stranded.

    Authorities on Saturday grounded all trains and aircraft from Sanya, also known as “China’s Hawaii,” a day after 263 positive cases were confirmed.

    Travelers must provide five negative PCR results over a seven-day period in order to leave. Only China, a country with a sizable economy, still upholds the “zero COVID” policy.

    According to Johns Hopkins University, fewer than 15,000 fatalities are thought to have been documented across the country since the outbreak began. Concerns have been raised, meanwhile, about how the strict requirements, which call for extensive testing and local lockdowns, would have an impact on the economy.

    There are restrictions in place during the peak travel season in Sanya, a popular surfing destination on the southern Hainan Island.

    While entertainment venues have been shuttered since last week, vital services like pharmacies and supermarkets are still open, according to the AFP news agency.

    According to the authorities, hotels will be required to provide a 50% discount up until restrictions are loosened.

    Sanya is not the only city that has recently gone into lockdown. Following the discovery of four asymptomatic cases this month, more restrictions were placed on a million residents of a suburb of Wuhan, the central Chinese city where Covid-19 was first discovered.

    Shanghai’s 25 million residents were finally given permission to exit the city’s strict two-month lockdown in June.