Sir Rod Stewart pleads guilty to battery over Florida hotel ‘punch’

Image credit: RNZ

In a confrontation with a security officer at a Florida hotel in 2019, Sir Rod Stewart and his son admitted to violence.

The artist and his son Sean were charged with assault after being denied admittance to a private New Year’s Eve event, according to a police complaint.

Sean, 41, shoved the security guard, and Sir Rod, 76, punched him in the chest with a closed palm, according to the complaint.

The two have admitted to a charge of simple battery, which is a criminal offence.

This means they will not appear in court, will not go to jail, will not pay a fine, and will not be placed on probation, according to Sir Rod’s lawyer, Guy Fronstin.

Because the judge withheld adjudication, they have not been formally convicted.

No one was injured in the incident, and Sir Rod Stewart was found not guilty of the accusation by a jury. Sir Rod Stewart instead elected to enter a plea to avoid the cumbersome and unneeded burden that a high-profile case would place on the court and the public. Mr Fronstin continued.

 A confrontation with security, Jessie Dixon, occurred at The Breakers Palm Beach Hotel.

Mr Dixon told authorities that he implored Sean Stewart to pull away after the rock star’s kid got “nose to nose” with him.

Sean Stewart allegedly shoved Mr Dixon before Sir Rod approached him and landed a punch, injuring him in the left ribs, according to court documents.

Sir Rod informed police that after the family was denied admittance, Mr Dixon became argumentative with them, causing his family to get anxious, according to the court filing.

Sir Rod expressed contrition for his role in the incident, according to the arresting officer’s report.