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Google agrees to pay £58 million annually to Canadian news outlets

In a resolution to avert a news blockade, Google has struck a deal with Canada regarding the contentious Online News Act, designed...

Security Firm Brink’s Sues Air Canada Over Multi-Million Dollar Heist

US-based security firm Brink’s International has initiated a lawsuit against Air Canada regarding the theft of gold bars and cash valued at...

Immigration helps boost the population of Canada by 1 million

Canadian government reported an increase in the country’s population by over a million people for the very first time ever.

Children stopped sleeping and eating to play Fortnite – lawsuit

Three parents who claim their kids were addicted to the video game Fortnite filed a class-action lawsuit, which a Canadian judge has...

Canada experiences widespread mobile and internet outages.

An extensive outage that Canada’s top mobile and internet providers suffered had an impact on bank ATMs and emergency assistance hotlines.