The US will announce further sanctions against the junta in Myanmar, according to a State Department official

    According to a senior State Department official on Wednesday, the US will announce further sanctions against organizations in Myanmar in the upcoming days.

    The restrictions will make it harder for Myanmar’s junta to generate income to buy weapons, according to Derek Chollet, a counsellor with the U.S. State Department.

    Considering the junta’s war machine is fueled by cash, Chollet said, “We’re dedicated to ramping up the strain on them and making it difficult for them to earn revenue.” Chollet also stated that Myanmar was “on the path to becoming a failed nation in the heart of Southeast Asia.”

    In an effort to limit the junta’s capacity to generate money, the United States and other Western nations have already issued a number of sanctions that target the military government’s organizations, enterprises, and members.

    According to Chollet, the US has sanctioned 80 people and more than 30 organizations in Burma so far.

    He asserted that Moscow must stop providing the regime with military hardware in order to see a resolution of the dispute in Burma.

    Chollet demanded that all the “Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)” meetings be held without the military junta of Myanmar’s political representation.

    The dictatorship “has to clearly grasp that it will bear the repercussions of continuing to conduct such a ruthless campaign against their own people and that those costs would include increased isolation in the international community.”

    The 10-member regional organization, ASEAN, now forbids junta leaders from attending high-level meetings, but it has refrained from enacting sanctions and disbanding Burma.