Thumb-Grip Technique Touted as Quick Anxiety Relief on Social Media

Social media platforms frequently circulate intriguing information about our bodies, and one such technique making waves claims to alleviate anxiety swiftly by firmly clasping one’s thumb with the other hand. Professional hypnotist Mike Mandel asserts that the thumb-grip method induces a pulsation in the thumb, which, in a matter of seconds, can effectively dissipate anxiety.

Mandel emphasises the importance of using this technique to clear the meridian, a concept he underscores in a video shared on the Mindsethub Instagram page.

According to Dr. Santosh Pandey, a naturopath and acupuncturist at Rejua Energy Centre in Mumbai, acupressure on the thumb can serve as a potential technique to alleviate anxiety symptoms. He specifies that the point associated with anxiety relief lies on the thumb’s flesh, near the base of the nail. Applying gentle pressure to this point while taking slow, deep breaths can induce relaxation and reduce anxiety.

However, experts caution that acupressure, while potentially helpful, is not a comprehensive solution for severe anxiety. Dr. Gorav Gupta, a senior consultant psychiatrist at Tulasi Healthcare in New Delhi, acknowledges that in the early stages of anxiety or mild stress, engaging in physical actions like the thumb-grip technique may create a distraction and offer a calming effect.

Nonetheless, as anxiety progresses and becomes more intricate or deeply rooted, the thumb-grip technique’s efficacy diminishes. Dr. Gupta underscores that anxiety often involves complex thought patterns, emotional responses, and physiological reactions. Addressing such multifaceted and ingrained anxiety necessitates comprehensive strategies, which may involve cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, therapy, or even medication when appropriate.

In conclusion, experts recommend exploring a range of strategies that encompass the psychological, emotional, and behavioral aspects of anxiety management for comprehensive and lasting relief. Consulting a mental health professional can provide personalised guidance tailored to an individual’s specific anxiety concerns. While the thumb-grip technique may offer some temporary respite, it is not a substitute for more comprehensive approaches to anxiety treatment.