Queen lying-in-state wristband sales are prohibited on eBay.

    Image credit: Sky News

    eBay is taking down the sales listings for the wristbands required to enter the line to view the Queen lying in state in London.

    The paper-coloured bands that identify a mourner’s position in the line are sold as memorabilia.

    The bands are identified as non-transferable and do not ensure admission to Westminster Hall to process past the Queen’s coffin.

    “These things are against our regulations, and we are removing them,” according to a spokeswoman for the auction website.

    On Sunday morning, a couple of the wristbands were still accessible on the website under the “new listing” header, but they did not contain links to any currently running auctions or buy-it-now pages.

    Before they were taken down, some old wristbands were fetching up to £70,000 in bids, according to an article in the Guardian. It is unknown, though, if the offers were legitimate.

    Tickets to past events, such as concerts or sporting contests, can be sold on eBay as memorabilia. However, according to its policy, it may forbid the sale of tickets to public events.

    Additionally, according to its regulations, tickets for upcoming events like concerts, festivals, sporting events, or plays cannot be listed on the website.

    To “prevent disappointment,” people are being advised not to travel to the line-up location.

    The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) stated that a decision would likely be made this afternoon on the time at which the line to view the lying in state at Westminster Hall would be closed.

    Government representatives added that the wait time is currently at least 13 hours.

    On Monday, at 06:30 BST, four and a half hours before the late monarch’s state funeral is scheduled to start at Westminster Abbey, the public viewing of the Queen laying in the state will formally end.