Zuckerberg questions Musk’s intent for a cage fight and calls to move on.

Mark Zuckerberg has criticised Elon Musk’s lack of seriousness regarding the proposed cage fight, stating that it’s time to move forward. On his Threads social media site, Zuckerberg revealed that he had offered Musk a definite date for the fight, but Musk had provided excuses. Musk, in a post on his X messaging site (formerly Twitter), suggested that he was ready to fight as early as Monday. Although the billionaires agreed to the fight in June, they have yet to finalise a date, casting doubt on whether the event will ever occur.

The dispute escalated with the launch of Threads, which gained over 100 million sign-ups in its first week in competition with Musk’s X. Although the sign-up numbers decreased afterward, X still maintains a user base of around 350 million. Meanwhile, Musk threatened legal action against Facebook, alleging “unlawful misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets,” a claim that Meta denies.

Zuckerberg recently proposed August 26th as the fight date. Interestingly, Italy’s culture minister suggested hosting the bout as a charity event with an ancient Rome theme. Despite this, on Threads, Zuckerberg expressed frustration with Musk’s wavering commitment, stating that if Musk doesn’t take the fight seriously, it’s time to move on. He emphasised his intention to concentrate on competing with individuals who approach the sport earnestly.

Musk retaliated by calling Zuckerberg a “chicken” on his X platform. Earlier, Musk shared a text exchange with Zuckerberg, suggesting the fight could occur in Zuckerberg’s Octagon. Musk admitted to limited practise and considered the fight unlikely given their size difference, humorously suggesting Zuckerberg might be a modern-day Bruce Lee.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, both prominent tech billionaires, initiated the peculiar notion of fighting each other in June. Musk’s tweet proposing a cage fight garnered a positive response from Zuckerberg, who simply replied, “Send me the location.” Despite the ongoing verbal sparring, the fight’s realisation remains uncertain.