Courteney Cox has updated the iconic tampon commercial for menopause.

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Courteney Cox garnered notoriety as the first person to use the term “period” in a US TV commercial nine years before she appeared in Friends.

The actress has now provided a modernised rendition of that tampon advertisement from 1985.

In the updated version, which she shared on Instagram, the 58-year-old quotes herself from when she was younger, substituting menopausal misery for period pains.

In a parody of the original commercial, Cox wonders, “Did your life entirely change because of menopause?”

Cox continues by reenacting the locker room scenario from the original, saying, “Let me tell you straight.”

“Menopause will alter your attitude toward ageing. You will die from menopause. It is awful. Nobody else is capable of that.

The bonus of drier skin and developing bald patches are two effects of menopause, according to Cox.

She beams with enthusiasm and says, “Now that’s something,” in the manner of the original commercial but with more cynical irony.

She concludes by saying, “Remember, menopause is not a good thing.” It has the power to alter how you feel about getting older.

Other TV and movie stars like Juliette Lewis, Julianne Moore, and Drew Barrymore are among those who have liked the video, which has received close to a million likes.

Cox told the Sunday Times earlier this year that after trying unsuccessfully to use face fillers, she had gradually “learned to appreciate” growing older.

“And I didn’t realise that, wow, I’m looking extremely abnormal with injections and doing things to my face that I would never do now,” the speaker said.

Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah Winfrey are a few more American celebrities who have recently discussed menopause in public.

UK lawmakers argued in July that menopausal women should have more protection and rights at work.

According to the UK’s Women and Equalities Committee, a lack of assistance is driving women out of the workforce.

To provide working women more rights, the cross-party group wants menopause to be recognised as a protected characteristic like pregnancy.

The MPs recommended that a sizable public-sector employer also test out menopausal leave.