Tesla recalls 40,000 automobiles due to a power steering issue.

    Image credit: Silicon UK

    Just over 40,000 Tesla vehicles are being recalled in the US due to a potential power-steering issue.

    The electric car maker owned by Elon Musk warns that potholes or uneven roads could cause the vehicles’ power-steering assist system to malfunction.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it can necessitate more steering effort, especially at slow speeds, raising the danger of an accident.

    To re-calibrate the system, Tesla has made a software update available.

    It stated that it was not aware of any accidents or fatalities related to the issue.

    However, 314 vehicle warnings for US-market cars and trucks that could be included in the recall have been issued.

    The 2017–21 Model S and Model X automobiles are subject to recall.

    According to Telsa, an update that fixed the issue had already been installed in more than 97% of the recalled vehicles.

    Additionally, Tesla is recalling 53 external side rearview mirrors for the 2021 Model S that were made for the European market and do not meet American “rear-visibility” standards.

    Tesla has notified 3.4 million vehicles about 17 recalls in 2022.

    It recalled roughly 1.1 million vehicles in the US in September due to the possibility that the windows could close too quickly and snag people’s fingers.

    After purchasing Twitter, Mr Musk allegedly collaborated with Tesla software developers to investigate the inner workings of the social media network.

    However, it appears that his other business endeavours are suffering as a result of Tesla investors continuing to sell stock.

    In New York on Monday, its shares dropped 5% to settle at $197.08 (£172.41), its lowest price since June 2021.

    Investors are rumoured to be worried that the billionaire has gotten preoccupied with his most recent acquisition and is giving his other businesses less attention.