The Famous Golfer Tiger Woods Broke Bones While Riding

The famed golfer broke bones in his right leg during the crash Feb. 23 in Rolling Hills Estates, south of downtown Los Angeles. He underwent surgery and announced on Twitter March 16 that he was recovering from home after being released from the hospital.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Woods was traveling at an estimated speed of 84 to 87 mph at the first area of impact in the collision sequence. Instead of braking, Woods was actually accelerating prior to impact, according to data received from the black box recorder of Woods’ loaner Genesis SUV.

Tiger Woods was driving at an excessive speed before he crashed his vehicle in February, but authorities don’t know if he was conscious when he lost control of his vehicle that day, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced Wednesday.

Woods will not be cited for a traffic violation, said Villanueva, who received permission from Woods to release the crash investigation details.

“It’s believed that when you panic or have some sort of sudden interruption when you’re driving, your initial thought is to hit the brake,” Powers said at news conference in Los Angeles. “And it’s believed that he may have done that but hit the accelerator and didn’t hit the brake. We don’t know that. He doesn’t have any recollection of the incident, and like I said, that’s a speculation. There was zero braking throughout the recording of the data recorder, and it’s 99% acceleration on the pedal.”

Powers said data recorded by the vehicle’s black box “showed speeds ranged from 82.02 mph to 86.99 mph and back down to 68.35 mph.”