The Google CEO expresses caution over how AI could be dangerous if used improperly

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, shares his opinion about AI technology during in an interview, he shared his concern as AI can be used unethically or can cause harm for society.   He was also worried about the need to install AI technology.

During a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS, Mr. Pichai stated that “the need to use it in a helpful way” was what kept him up at night. However, it can also be quite destructive if deployed incorrectly. “The technology is developing quickly, yet we still don’t have all the answers.”

Furthermore, he emphasised the need to avoid “race conditions,” in which employees working on AI products for different organisations try to outdo one another by releasing goods first.

In response to a question regarding OpenAI, the startup that created ChatGPT, Mr. Pichai noted that others were concerned that the release of such potent technology would not allow society enough time to adjust.

He continued, “I believe there are responsible personnel there trying to understand how to use this new technology and so on.”

After the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) claimed that technological advancements like ChatGPT may have been made years earlier if Google hadn’t monopolised the search business, Mr. Pichai made his statement. There are two antitrust cases pending against Google.

Separately, the DoJ and a number of American states have filed a lawsuit against Google to stop it from being the default search engine on mobile devices and online browsers.

Google has charged Microsoft with engaging in anti-competitive cloud computing practises. Microsoft supports OpenAI.

Both Google and Microsoft are attempting to make their respective chatbots, Bard and the AI-driven Bing, available to internet search consumers.