Twitter announced its new and updated “pricing of API”

Twitter’s API access tiers are now available after several weeks of waiting. Last month, the business made its first announcement regarding changes to its API, stating that it will no longer allow free access to the Twitter API. Yet, the previously disclosed price structures also include a fundamental free tier for content-posting bots.

Overall, there are three tiers: “the constrained Free tier,” “the laxer $100 Basic tier,” and the “pricey Enterprise tier.” According to the business, “authorized Twitter API programmers, including developers on the new Free tier, would still have access to the Advertising API at no extra cost.”

In addition, Twitter asked developers to switch to the new tiers very shortly for a peaceful transition as the existing access levels, including “Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium,” will be discontinued over the next 30 days.

Remember that when Twitter first announced changes to the API back in February, it said that free API access will end soon. Many of Twitter’s beloved “content-posting bots” may vanish as the API changes take effect, warns the notification.

Perhaps in response to the strong criticism, Mr. Elon Musk changed his position and said that “the company would still provide a free tier to bots who produce great content. On February 13, Twitter stated that the launch has been delayed by a few more days.”

The recent actions taken by Twitter haven’t exactly been favourable to developers. The company abandoned many developer projects last year, including Twitter Toolbox and Twitter Tiles. The company then stopped supporting all third-party client apps in January. The new API restrictions may turn off developers even more.